The basic authentication is a simple authentication that sends HTTPS requests with authorization headers that include the word Base followed by the Base64 encoded username and password of the store terminal that you want to authenticate for API calls.

Authorization Header

Authorization Header is used for validating authentication credentials.

Construct an Authorization Header as shown below.

Authorization: Basic <Base64 encoded (username: md5(password)>

For  example, if username is “store.server” and password is ‘server123’, 

  1. Generate md5 of the password - 8a16a6b70505eb1f1ff7cdc0cd5559a7.
  2. Encode the username and md5 password to Base64.
  3. Then, form the header as shown below.
Authorization: Basic c3RvcmUuc2VydmVyOjhhMTZhNmI3MDUwNWViMWYxZmY3Y2RjMGNkNTU1OWE3

Capillary APIs allow you to submit requests on behalf of other store/terminals as well, you just need to pass the terminal details in the request headers as shown below. 


Value is case sensitive.

Other Headers Required

  • Content-type: Set this as application/json
  • Accept: Set this as application/json