Capillary’s Engage+ is a marketing automation solution that helps in creating significant and personalized campaigns to serve different purposes. It could be to promote a product, promote sales, refer new customers, or maintain repeat customer transactions. An org with multiple brands can have different campaign programs for each brand. Based on the purpose, the following different campaign types are supported in Engage+.

  • Outbound Campaigns:  These are promotional messages to target a large number of customers about offers or promotions. 
  • Bounceback Campaigns: Helps generate coupons dynamically for in-store activities such as transaction, and barcode scan.
  • Referral Campaigns: Helps acquire new customers through referral programs and supports incentivizing both referer and referee on new registrations and transactions.
  • Survey Campaigns: Surveys are questionnaires set to understand customers' feedback on a product or service. Survey Campaigns lets identify the net promoter score and feedback information that is required to make effective decisions in improving products and services.
  • Timeline Campaigns: Adds the “time” dimension to the marketing campaigns that help to foresee customers' needs and engage them with just the right offers and communication. Timeline Campaigns can be triggered on customer transactions and real-time events.

Engage+ supports creating campaigns for different marketing objectives, such as sales promotion, new store opening, brand anniversary, birthday, and many others.
Engage+ also supports multi-channel marketing campaigns to reach customers via. email, SMS, WeChat, Line, social networking sites, and can trigger messages to customers in-store outlets via the Bounceback campaign. Engage+ is also powered with customer analytic which helps in creating significant and personalized email/SMS campaigns and generate campaign reports.