Capillary’s Loyalty+ enables an org to run an effective loyalty program(s) to upsurge customer enrollment and engagement through points or coupon incentives. The platform provides flexibility to customize a loyalty program that matches business needs. Orgs with multiple brands can run a separate loyalty program for each org unit.

Apart from the regular loyalty program, an org can run short term loyalty programs called promotions. For example, during year-end sales, festive season, clearance sale. Customers are rewarded with points and coupons for an event and awarded with loyalty tiers based on their purchase milestone. An event can be registration, transaction, profile update, or any custom event. Loyalty+ also supports events different entry points called sources yet maintaining a single customer profile across sources. Sources could be InStore, e-commerce store, WeChat, Line, Taobao, JD, and mobile app while maintaining a single customer profile across sources.

The following are the key functionalities or concepts of Loyalty+.

  • Points and coupons incentivization
  • Tier upgrade and downgrade
  • Track activities of a specific duration
  • Events based incentivization
  • Promotion programs
  • Personalized communications